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Logistics Ground’s flexible model, using only quality carriers, means you benefit from improved service levels, greater flexibility and time-definite deliveries. Our expertise in transport management and planning allows us to design a solution that meets your needs and also quickly respond to any event disruptions, such as weather. Integrated Road networks, covering the world.
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Through our global network of control towers and state-of-the-art technology, we are able to monitor and dynamically react to situations such as adverse weather, additional pick ups or drop offs, or heavy traffic, meaning that your goods are always travelling the most efficient route. Our non-asset based Road network provides you with flexibility, improved service levels, accelerated delivery, reduced direct and indirect costs and much less complexity.

We support all palletised and bulk tank transport. Please contact us for any specific requirements.

To some, logistics and freight forwarding companies are unnecessary costs but when you weigh in the advantages and benefits, you will be able to see that freight forwarders help a lot in the efficient and effective distribution of your cargoes because it helps you concentrate in improving your primary activities such as marketing, sales, and operations enabling you to eliminate wasteful practices from investing in secondary activities which you can outsource to freight forwarders who are more experienced and skilled in this activity and later on lead you to benefits such as but not limited to.

United Cargo & Logistics Corporation operates on a multi-service provider set up which provides more flexibility in schedules and services.



We help all kinds of pets move all over the world. Tell us where you’re going and we’ll show you how our pet transport services can make it a safe journey.


Our popular international express door-to-door delivery service is available when you’re sending document or non-document shipments to anywhere around the world.


Right Information is crucial for any organization’s success. We pay utmost importance to the information and keep track of the cargo from its source to destination in a proper manner, so that at any point of time entire track of the cargo is available for ready reference, which will help us to serve better and increase our performance.


Garment On Hanger (GOH) (also known in certain circles as Hangtainer) containers are standard/dry containers that are converted/outfitted to be able to safely and conveniently carry garments on hangers – the same way you see them hanging in all the major retail stores..


The Customs Clearance Services offered by us supports in faster and hassle free clearance of shipment. We support and guide our clients to handle the sensitive procedure of custom clearance with taking full responsibility.


UNITED Cargo & Logistics provides cargo services for perishable and dangerous goods, Items such as fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and flowers go under perishable cargo.


Our logistics and distribution centers are located at one of the biggest Free Zones in the Middle East, the SOHAR ZONE , which has more than 2500 companies operating within its campus.


UNITED Cargo & Logistics provides worldwide transshipment services (sea / air, air and air). Shipments are sent through Sohar, which is considered one of the main transshipment centers in the Middle East.


UNITED Cargo & Logistics offers maritime cargo consolidation / groupage services. Our agents abroad send us the groupage boxes in Sohar And other countries of the Upper Gulf.


Provides a scalable and customizable solution for customers who have programs to retire outdated IT assets.


UNITED Cargo arrange efficient transport and storage of motor vehicles, cars, motors, bike and caravans availed to you by our efficient logistics experts and transport service providers around the world.


We deliver optimized multi- modal transportation solutions by combining road, sea& air at your requirements anywhere in the world.


To best support your ever-changing logistics needs, we are continuously evolving our transportation services.


Our extensive network of overseas partners has been carefully selected to meet our rigid standards of professionalism, efficiency and cost competitiveness provides fast and efficient means of transportation of perishable and non-perishable services to your cargo overseas.


Our AIRFAST services have been designed for customers who need their goods delivered urgently.


United employees are dedicated to the belief that horses traveling with us are to be treated as if they were our own. All of our equipment is state of the art and meticulously maintained. We realize how important communication is during your horse’s trip and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

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If you have any question about UNITED CARGO & LOGISTICS or how we can support your business, please contact us directly to below address.

General Enquiry :   sales@unitedcargomct.com
Courier Enquiry :   salescourier@unitedcargomct.com
Airport Operations :   apt.ops@unitedcargomct.com

Managing Director :  Niyaz Abdulkader , Email :Niyaz@unitedcargomct.com